How to pack for Southeast Asia?

I’ve been traveling through Southeast Asia for a while now. The only thing I carry with me is a medium sized suitcase and this holds all my clothing, belongings and even my office. Whenever I have to go on a trip I just take my small backpack and I’ll be fine with that for trips that are not much longer than a week. By no means do I have to wear the same shirt every day or am I living under primitive conditions. I’m well-groomed, smell favorable and I can dress for every occasion. It’s all about focussing on the things you need and packing them smartly.

Through the years I’ve tried a lot of different tools, gadgets, backpacks, accessories and what not… In the end they all added up to the weight and I was mainly carrying stuff that made carrying stuff more efficient… So time to sort things out again, and again…

By now I have a set of products that makes sense. My next post will be about that: providing you with a list of stuff to travel light and comfortably through Southeast Asia. Some clothing that you need in this climate, some smart packing accessories and a few things that will help you stay “online” (for those who run a business or simply want to stay in touch with their beloved ones at home). I’ll review the pros and cons of what I’m using and will give you a direct link to the products.

Stay tuned…

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